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Would you like to know more about our Figure Drawing sessions?

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

As she was addressing a small crowd at the opening of our "Common Ground 2023" exhibition, Hazel Greene floated the idea of creating a new space for local artists to "exchange views, draw and get their eye in".

As we thought this was a good idea, we worked with Hazel to organise a series of "Self Directed Figure Drawing" sessions. Beginning on Monday 20 March, artists and amateurs will share the theatre's space for an opportunity to practice their observation and drawing skills.

We asked Hazel to tells us a little bit more about this exciting new artistic adventure.

Q- What gave you the idea to look at the artists and Birr Theatre and come up with a self-directed drawing sessions?

A- Birr Theatre is our local Arts Centre, and I think of an Arts Centre as a hub for artists of all disciplines and their first port of call for access to information, education, engagement, exhibition/performance.

As a practicing artist I enrol in at least two masterclasses each year, this is my personal choice and usually involves a good bit of travel. In addition, I am a member of the Limerick Life Drawing group which meets in Limerick University each Sunday night for drawing practice. It would be lovely to access some of these services locally

Q- How important is it for artist to train their eye?

A- The arts, in any form, take practice. Some may begin with a natural talent but techniques can be learnt and with practice skill can be built.

With figure drawing, as with anything, practice builds confidence and allows your own individual style to develop.

Q- Is there going to be someone to critique the work that’s done in the space of time created?

A- No critique, it’s just a space to practice and make mistakes.

Q- When are the sessions and is the time allotted enough time for artists to complete the poses?

A- We’ll meet Mondays 12-2pm, the model will typically hold a pose for 5 five minute poses followed by 3 twenty-five minute poses. I certainly won’t be aiming for finished work, just practice in getting the arms and legs in the right places!

Q- Is it difficult to get models to agree to come and pose?

A- We’re just starting to put together a panel of models – so if you know of anyone out there interested, please let us know – but so far so good, we’ve a few people.

Q- Although its allowed for people to catch as much of the session as possible – won’t it be very interrupting for other artists if there are people in and out?

A- People moving about is no problem, people often move to get a different view if they don’t like the pose from their angle - and we’re concentrating so hard we don’t even notice!

Q-Who should come?

A- Anyone who wants to practice or give it a try. If you feel it’s something you might like, it’s an opportunity to give it a go – and there’re lots of YouTube videos for suggested approaches.

Will you join us ?

Register online here or through our box office : 057 9122911

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