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On The Farm

For the 14th Annual Common Ground – an exhibition of work by artists living in the Midlands - we settled on the theme of "On The Farm"...


A theme that has inspired artists since the Mesolithic era when nomadic tribes stopped moving and began to plant crops and raise domesticated animals. Crops grown in rows impacted the design patterns seen in paintings, weavings, ceramics, and jewellery.

Farm-related art has played an essential and complementary part in the lives of humans, from crude scratchings on the interior walls of caves to giant Italian frescoes.

This exhibition allows artists the opportunity to interpret the theme "On The Farm" in their own unique way, resulting in creative harmony that nourishes the mind, body, and spirit.

And what's even better is that all the artwork is up for sale (Just in time for some superb Christmas presents!)

Local Artists
20191205_190937 (1).jpg
Explore the Art
Our curator hand-picked 45 artworks from 26 local Artists. Through the medium of oils, acrylics, digital photography, ceramics and other media, they all explored the familiar world of the farm.

Each individual artist exposed a detail of everyday life in the country side, magnified it and rendered it through his or her own personality.

You can take in the whole exhibition in the foyer of the Theatre every day from 1pm to 5.30pm. Or you can explore it virtually here.
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