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Who would want to be MARRYING MIKE?

After a very successful 5 night run in their home town, we are delighted to see the brilliant crew from Portumna Players bring their production of Jimmy Keary’s latest comedy “Marrying Mike” to Birr Theatre on Saturday 17th February.

The whole troop is hard at work rehearsing and finessing the play under the strict guidance of director Pamela Sellars. They have promised to be on point and word-perfect, so get ready for a giggle and book tickets for the play HERE.

The cast of Marrying Mike The full cast :  Tony Carroll   Leonie Donoghue   Jason Tuohy   Aileen O’Mahony   Andrew Dagg Derrick Frawley, Patricia Coniry
The full cast: Andrew Dagg, Tony Carroll, Derrick Frawley,Jason Tuohy, Aileen O’Mahony, Leonie Donoghue, Patricia Coniry

Marrying Mike is the latest offering from prolific Westmeath playwright Jimmy Keary. The play centres on bachelor farmer, Mike Fogarty, who has land and money but hides it very well. He suddenly announces to Barney (his scheming friend) that he is looking for a wife. Barney, not one to let an opportunity go, decides that his sister Colette, a woman whose reputation spreads far and wide, should be Mike’s wife! Matchmaking doesn't come any worse than that.

And if you throw in Kate (Mike's well-intentioned friend), Colm (Mike's nemesis) and Damien (Colette's latest MARRIED boyfriend), Mike’s problems are only starting and a love triangle develops with way too many angles. Even local religious woman Madge can’t sort this one out for Mike. 

Join us for an exceptional evening of laughter and romance as we witness the journey of Mike and his search for a wife. 

Time to introduce the cast of 'Marrying Mike':

Tony Carroll is making his stage debut with Portumna Players Drama Group. Tony plays elderly bachelor farmer, Mike Fogarty, who is looking for a wife and it's said he's not short of a few euros!

Leonie Donoghue who plays the part of Kate O'Sullivan, a local young widow and Mike's friend. Leonie has only recently joined the Portumna Players Drama Group and is a natural on stage.

Jason Tuohy playing the part of Barney O'Toole, a friend of Mike's and a schemer! Jason's debut with Portumna Players Drama Group was in Dancing at Lughnasa early last year.

Aileen O'Mahony who plays the part of Colette O'Toole, Barney's good time sister. Aileen has appeared in many fantastic roles since joining Portumna Players Drama Group in 2018.

Andrew Dagg plays the part of Damien Bradley, Collette's latest married boyfriend. A stalwart of Portumna Players, Andrew has been involved in numerous productions as well as with other local drama groups.

Derrick Frawley plays Colm Garrity, a local farmer who does not get on with Mike. Derrick is a longstanding member of Portumna Players and has been involved since his teenage years.

Patricia Coniry plays Madge Sweeney, a humourless, religious local woman and completes the cast wonderfully!

You can see "Marrying Mike" directed by Pamela Sellars and performed by The Portumna Players Theatre group on stage in Birr Theatre & Arts Centre next Saturday (February 17th).

Tickets available at our box office (057 9122911) or ONLINE

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