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Support the Theatre!


Become a friend of BIRR THEATRE &ARTS CENTRE, support the arts, and enjoy the benefits!
Support from the local community is crucial to the success of Birr Theatre & Arts Centre and fundraising through our Friends Programme is at the heart of it.  Birr Theatre’s friends play an integral role in the theatre’s well-being, we look to reward members with great benefits, including savings on tickets and access to exclusive events. 


Become a Friend

Your friend membership will directly support the work of the theatre both on stage and through our community projects, all of which are designed to encourage and support people of all ages.

We offer three different types of Membership; Friends; Circle Friends and Patrons. You will find more detail below or you can get in touch directly at

Patrons and Friends of The Theatre have been an integral part of the success of our much-loved theatre since its Grand Opening Night was held on 15 January 1889. Their extraordinary generosity, in all different ways has helped us create an extraordinary theatre and arts centre.


Click HERE to become a Patron, Circle Friend or Friend by completing our form, this will be sent through to our team who will contact you to confirm receipt and to welcome you to our Friends Programme and all of the benefits we offer.

You can also join us by clicking on one of the options below.



€50 per person one off payment


•    Regular e-mail bulletin
•    Invitation to all exhibition openings 

     (includes refreshments)
•    2 tickets for 4 movies of your choice 

     in the Film@BirrTheatre programme.
•   1 invitation for 2 people on our “Be

     our Guest” programme.


Circle Friend

€2.40 per week, paid monthly 


•    Regular e-mail bulletins
•    Invitation to exhibition openings
•    Discount access to all     

      Film@BirrTheatre for 1
•    at least 2 invitations for 2 people on

     our “Be our Guest” programme
•    Friends rate on selected events
•    1 exclusive gift per year



€5 per week paid monthly


•    All the Circle Friends benefits, plus;
•    Discount access to
for 2
•    Complimentary tickets to 

      MusicNetwork performances
•    2 free tickets per year to be used

     on selected shows
•    10% off any art purchased
•    Invitations to pre-show

      receptions/special events/launches
•    Listing on our website
•    4 exclusive gifts (1 per season)
•    regular invitations*  for 2 people on

     our “Be our Guest” programme 

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

There are many ways you may wish to make a difference by supporting The Theatre. You may have a passion for supporting local talent, you may want to conserve the uniqueness of our building; whatever it is that makes our theatre unique for you, it is worthy of support.

When your private affairs are in place, you may consider leaving a Legacy to Birr Theatre & Arts Centre as your own uniquely valuable way to investing in the creative and emotional impact of The Theatre’s programmes for audiences today and for future generations of arts lovers.
If you would like to have a private conversation about Legacy Giving, please contact or (057 9122911).

How to Make a Legacy Gift

Making a Will ensures that your wishes are carried out after your death, and that your assets (money and possessions) go where you want them. It also provides you with a unique opportunity to leave a legacy to a worthwhile cause. We recommend that you always consult your solicitor who will be able to advise you in light of your own particular circumstances and wishes. If you are considering a Legacy Gift to Birr Theatre & Arts Centre, there are different gift types that you can consider. For example:

  • A Pecuniary Gift - leaving a gift of a specified sum of money. This gift may be a defined figure that does not change with time, or you may instruct your Trustees to take account of the impact of inflation over time.

  • A Gift of an Asset - leaving a gift of a property, artwork, jewellery or other assets. Your gift is deemed to be at the price originally paid, creating no tax liability for you. The value to the beneficiary will be at the market value.

  • A Residuary Legacy - once all debts, expenses, costs and other legacies have been deducted, you may wish to leave the residue (or part of this residue) to a specified beneficiary.

  • A Reversionary Legacy - you may wish to permit a person or people to have access to the value of your estate, until their death(s) at which time the property reverts to the beneficiary. For instance, you may state that a friend lives in your house until their death, when the house will then revert to the beneficiary.

Birr Theatre & Arts Centre Theatre’s Pledge to You

We will always respect and honour your privacy and we appreciate that your will is personal and confidential and we will handle your gift with sensitivity and respect.

A gift in your Will—no matter what size—will make a real difference to Birr Theatre & Arts Centre. We would be delighted to know so that we can thank you, but you are under no obligation to tell us if you would prefer not to.

At any time in the future, you have the absolute right to change your mind about a gift to Birr Theatre & Arts Centre made in your Will, and we appreciate that your family and loved ones must always come first.

If you do decide to share your intentions, we can discuss if and how you would like to be recognised. Allowing us to share your name with Birr Theatre & Arts Centre’s circle of friends may inspire others to make a similar gesture of support. However, we absolutely respect your right to remain anonymous.

You may wish to personalise your Legacy Gift to honour someone or remember someone close to you. We are happy to discuss the most appropriate way of acknowledging your generosity.

If you are considering a Legacy Gift to Birr Theatre & Arts Centre, please contact our Director Emma Nee Haslam at

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