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Your Ideas - Your Scripts - Your Performance 

A once in a lifetime opportunity to learn new skills, work with amazing facilitators, and realise your creative dreams! Birr Youth Theatre Lab will give you the basics in acting for film & theatre, script writting and directing. As a bonus you'll get to meet similarly artistic minded people. For 3 days (July 20, 21 & 22) you will be expressing your ideas, writing your scripts, and directing your performances.

So sign up to discover your inner talent! 

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Time to get busy

In 3 intense workshops Birr Youth Theatre Lab offers the opportunity to learn about acting, improvisation, developing characters, devising scripts and learning about stage craft.

This program is designed for people aged 13 to 18 with an appetite for self discovery and a passion for acting! If this is you, then why don't you join us?

A great coach

Sinéad  Handy has been involved in the arts for a number of years. she is an avid member of local theatre and musical societies and has performed on stages all around the country, she has also appeared on TV. So you can expect dedication and professionalism as well as a few good stories!

Under her guidance the participants will explore their self- esteem, self-reliance, self-worth, confidence, broader social skills, and tolerance in a safe and friendly space.

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Some amazing creative output

The 3 FREE drama workshops that are at the center of this Youth Theatre programme are meant as a safe space to foster creativity and individual expression.

We want to encourage ensemble playing and experimental performance based on existing material as well as original content created by and with the members during the workshop.

Register today !

Birr Youth Theatre is for everybody aged between 13 and 18 !

But spaces are limited, so register today for the initial workshop. 


It's not our first rodeo / workshop

90 young budding actors and directors have already taken part in the Youth Theatre program. Take a look at some of our workshop from past alumni of the Birr Youth Theatre and the Offally Youth Theatre. 

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