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Who is James (from ROCK RISING) ?

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

In 2022 we ask our visiting artists to tell us a little bit about themselves. We hope that these short questionnaires will reveal something that you didn't know or expect about them.

James will be on stage with the rest rest of Big Generator to deliver the ultimate Classic Rock show: ROCK RISING.

But really, who is James ? And does he really know his AC/DC from his NSYNC?

His answers to our quickfire questionnaire might surprise you!

Q- Tell us about yourself

A- The Ultimate Classic rock show, taking you through the ages of Rock!

Q- What will you play in Birr

A- AC/DC / Pink Floyd / Journey / Thin Lizzy

Q- Who is your biggest influence?

A- My parents.

Q- Describe yourself as a 10-year-old.

A- Boisterous , Confused , Innocent and Naive.....

Q- What’s your best on stage memory?

A- Getting an encore supporting Joe Satriani in the 3 Arena,

Q- What’s your worst on stage memory?

A- Drum Riser Collapsing mid set....

Q- Where are you at your happiest?

A- 3am Post Gig Chipper and regretting it 10 minutes later

Q- What’s your favourite colour?

A- Lilac.

Q- What’s the last book you enjoyed?

A- How To Train Your Pet Ferret To Sing - Phonsie De'FerêT

Q- What’s the last film / play you enjoyed?

A- Top Gun Maverick!

Q- What’s your favourite song of all time?

A- Its a toss up between Combine Harvester by The Wurzels 12" Vinyl - or The Macerena

James will be on stage with the rest of Big Generator on Saturday 1st of October.

This show is now SOLD OUT!

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