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"...At Some Point"
              by Geraldine Wheeler

Welcome to a captivating exhibition featuring the exquisite works of the talented local artist Geraldine Wheeler.
From the 20th of February to the 29th of April, under the tongue in cheek title "… At Some Point," Geraldine invites us to embark on a visual journey through 30 pieces that showcase her unique approach. 

Geraldine started her art practice in capturing landscapes, wildlife, and fantasy scenes. Over the past two years she expanded her palette by delving into the delicate technique of Pointillism.

Pointillism, also recognized as divisionism or chronoluminarism, serves as the foundation of Geraldine's recent explorations. This technique involves the meticulous application of hundreds of dots to the canvas, utilizing a blend of paint and another medium. The result is a striking interplay of light and colour, creating intricate patterns that give life to captivating images. 

Wheeler's approach is marked by her unique method that bring together the motifs found in the natural world and strong Eastern Influences.

Geraldine Wheeler poster.jpg

What sets Wheeler's work apart is the infusion of Buddhist and Indian culture into the Pointillism technique. Much like Buddhist monks who meticulously construct mandalas, Wheeler builds her paintings with a similar sense of purpose and devotion.
The dots on her canvas serve as individual elements that, when combined, create complex and harmonious compositions, mirroring the spiritual and cultural significance found in mandalas. The artist's careful consideration of colour and form, coupled with the meditative process of applying each dot, echoes the mindfulness and intentionality inherent in the creation of mandalas.
Through this synthesis of nature-inspired aesthetics and cultural influences, Wheeler's paintings become vibrant expressions of her artistic vision, embodying the essence of both the natural world and the spiritual realm. 

Geraldine Wheeler.png

Geraldine Wheeler

Having exhibited locally in places like Banagher, Shannonbridge, and Birr, as well as in the UK, Geraldine Wheeler's artistic prowess has gained recognition far and wide.

Her participation in the TV documentary, "The Grand Canal Experience," where she can be seen painting the Shannon Harbour bridge, further underscores her impact on the art world. 
Join us in celebrating the talent and vision of Geraldine Wheeler as we explore the intricate beauty and luminous visions that she has expertly crafted "At some point."

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