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This week's movie : "SUPERNOVA"

Film@BirrTheatre brings you the best of Irish, world and independent cinema on the theatre's big screen.

This week, Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci give a heartbreaking look at the emotional toll that comes with accepting mortality in this intense, intimate, spare film about love, grief and dementia.

Supernova follows the "last voyage" undertaken by a loving couple. Sam (Academy Award winner Colin Firth) and Tusker (Academy Award nominee Stanley Tucci), partners of twenty years, are traveling across England in their old campervan visiting friends, family and places from their past. Following a life-changing diagnosis, their time together has become more important than ever until secret plans test their love like never before.

This week's movie relies on a terrific piece of writing from it's writer/director (Harry MacQueen). The screenplay teeters on the edge of a dramatic cliff acknowledging the danger, all the while avoiding direct mentions of the true terrors that await. The film reveals itself slowly, anchored in reality by the remarkable performances of the lead characters who are living on the fringes of a catastrophe. Their day to day, in these testing times, are filled by their low-key charm and humour. As a spectator, you know the worst is yet to come, but you can't help to cheer them on.

Supernova is a delicate thing, a quiet, autumnal, road movie that explores the end with exquisite sensitivity and is carried beautifully by Firth and Tucci. The two actors are individually excellent, but it is the relationship that they build together that will get to you. There is one star than shines brighter than any other in this movie and it is the couple that Sam and Tusker form. The actors, at the peek of their craft, deliver a loving couple that eclipses all the rest.

Supernova stretches the last rays of the sun before the night creeps in. You will not forget this anytime soon.

So come and join us this Thursday at 8pm for This week's installment of Film@BirrTheatre.

Tickets available online : Book Now

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