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Oscar-winning True Crime Drama: "Anatomy of a Fall"

Film@BirrTheatre brings you the best of Irish, world and independent cinema on the Theatre’s big screen.

This week, we bring you the 2024 Best Original Screenplay Oscar winner, "Anatomy of a Fall". Sandra, a successful and fashionable German writer, has been living in the French Alps with her husband Samuel and son Daniel. When Samuel’s dead body is found below one of their chalet’s windows, a police investigation raises many questions. One year later, Sandra is on trial for murder. As the trial proceeds, Sandra and her husband's complex relationship comes under intense scrutiny.

The conflicting evidence, inconsistent testimony and shocking truths that are revealed make "Anatomy of a Fall" a compelling and gripping courtroom drama. Featuring an outstanding lead performance from Sandra Hüller, director Justine Triet’s film also scooped the top prize at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, and became one of year’s most anticipated films.

The strength of the screenplay is what makes or breaks a courtroom drama. "Anatomy of a Fall" is dynamic and intriguing with a layered script. Written by Triet and her partner, Arthur Harari, the film interrogates how couples communicate or fail to do so and what that failure can ultimately lead to.

"Anatomy of a Fall" asks intense psychological questions of its characters but perhaps the real strength of the film lies in the fact that it doesn't have all the answers.

Join us this Thursday at 8pm for this week's instalment of Film@BirrTheatre.

Run time: 152 minutes

Cert: 15A

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