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Take a look down the Rabbit Hole....

We have been really lucky to be able to welcome PwC Panto year after year. Every time they come to Birr they wow us with their stunning sets, their wonderful props and their enthusiasm.

Believe me, this year will not be any different ! Their new show "Alice in Wonderland" is amazing. we have a few sneak-peeks for you as well as a peep behind the curtain thanks to Maria Campbell who tells us what it takes to build a set like this one :

The PwC Pantomime started out as a small show at the Chaucer Theatre in London in 1987. Over the years, it grew and grew and it is now a full scale production, running for a week in the West End of London to great applause before touring to Manchester and finally Birr!!!

In 35 years, PwC has assembled a crew that numbers in the hundreds! The production values are astonishing. It’s hard to believe that every part of this show is done by amateurs volunteering their time. Cast, wardrobe, choreography, directing, hair & makeup, staging, props, everything is done by selfless people donating their time to a very good cause. One of these cheery souls is Maria Campbell.

Maria is a brilliant artist based in scotland. You can see a selection of her paintings and sculptures on her website. She also discovered a burning passion for the stage and more specifically for building stage props. Take a look at the way she created Mushrooms, giant carrots and other unbelievable ingredients for a Mad Hatter tea party :

Creating all this from scratch every year is hard work but Maria tells us that she loves it : "the opportunity to bring some of the delight, wonder and joy of a theatre to so many children is something that I will always be grateful for.... Hearing the excited screams and singing from the children as the curtain goes up on opening night is just wonderful and makes me grin from ear to ear, much like our beautiful Cheshire Cat."

The results are amazing, prepare to be astounded, entertained, and wowed. There will be loud cheering, hearty laughter, manic clapping and of course tons of "He's behind you!" followed by "oh, no he isn't".

Get ready to go down the rabbit hole with Alice and her brother Jack for a magical adventure in Wonderland!

You can see "Alice In Wonderland" performed by The PwC Panto on stage in Birr Theatre & Arts Centre On Friday April 1st and Saturday April 2nd.

Tickets available at our box office (057 9122911) or ONLINE

Photographs, courtesy of PwC Panto and Maria Campbell

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