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Scripts is upon us!

Every year the team behind Scripts festival comes to the theatre for an extravaganza of new and exciting theatrical works. Every year we look forward to that week-end with glee.

Of course there is a lot that goes on. Our technicians and stage-hands get busy prepping the venue, aspiring playwrights absorb the amazing knowledge from the festival's mentors, workshops are being hosted across the town, actors and directors take measure of the space.

What it all comes down to is a FULL WEEK-END of live theatre for all!

Either on stage, or in the streets, with cutting edge works for the dedicated theatre lover as well as popular, live performances for family audiences, Scripts is a joyful reminder of how vivid and uplifting live theatre can be.

The buzz is mighty and the Craic is mightier still. So we can't wait to get our doors opened and to welcome you in.

The festival's team have put together some amazing value festival passes like the One-A-Day bundle that enables you to see a new play every night for €50.

Don't miss out and book your festival pass today!

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