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Return to Six days

It was hard to imagine.

When we booked Frank Shouldice to perform his new play/show/lecture entitled "6 Days" we had no idea about what it would be like. But we knew from Frank's enthusiasm and natural charisma that whatever it was going to be it would 100% work.

With only a few props (a chair, a stand, a street sign and a bell), a tight script, and a stunning musical score played live by cellist Frieda Freytag, Frank delivered a mesmerising experience that will stay with the audience for a long time.

Six Days tells the story of a very specific event during the Easter Rising in such a vivid, relatable way that it becomes a universal story of resistance.

The simplicity of the presentation, the personal nature of the story told and the touches of humour bridge the gap between the past and the present in a way that we couldn't anticipate. One minute we are in Birr, the next we are transported in North King Street in 1916. What would we have done, who would we have been? Frank tells the story and asks questions that touch the audience to the core.

After seeing "Six Days" we will never think of the Easter Rising in the same way.

Six Days was performed in Birr with the support of the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media under the Decade of Centenaries programme.

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