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Artist Vincent Devine and his exhibition....Pause

Pause and breath is exactly what I want to say to our current exhibiting artist Vincent Devine. He chats at 100 miles an hour - suddenly one finds oneself totally enthralled in his tale and his ability to tell a tale..... hands are flailing, his gestures are big, he's bouncing with energy and his laugh - simply intoxicating.

However, looking at his work on our walls draws no similarities at all.....a controlled sense of palette displays a mature and evoking theme. Sensual, calming, naturistic. His trees delicate yet powerful- hiding another visual meaning within, totally encapsulate this artists exhibition title.....Pause....its simply what one must do!

Look and see for yourself.

.....someone in the office said....once you see it, its actually difficult to unsee it! I agree.

The past weekend here at the theatre was a busy one with plenty of folk around. One particular woman happened to stop before heading to take her seat and asked....who's on the walls? Vincent Devine I informed .....there really are aren't they? ....Devine ...... Couldn't agree more.

Without giving anything away I invite you to come this way and feast your eyes on Vincent's's with us for another little while. There's an information leaflet about Vincent, his work and his price list. Vincent, take a bow!

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