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2021 It's a wrap (part 6)

One of our newer members of staff is a blow-in from the far distant shores of France. Our ‘It’s a wrap’ blogs have all been written by Gildas to date, so now it’s time for us to write a bit about him! He might be with us just a couple of months, but already Gildas has made an impact.

You’ll already have noticed changes to our website and our new look newsletter. Gildas is our social media ninja, fueled by extremely strong coffee that the rest of us use like a cordial!! He works very hard to ensure we reach all our customers to let you know about the activities and events you want to hear about. He thrives on seeing that you’ve opened our mails and better still, when you click through and visit our website ;) Gildas has a keen eye for detail, a love of social media data and a mince pie recipe to die for!! Allez Les bleus!

Here's what he told us about his favourite music, films, books, shows of the past 12 months as well as a few recommendations from the 2022 programme.

Top music albums you listened to in 2021

1- Albin De La Simon – Happy End

2- Cathal Coughlan – Song Co-Aklan

3- LYR – Cascade Theory

Best Movies/Tv Series you watched/binged in 2021

Top 3 books you read in 2021

Best show/event you put on at Birr Theatre in 2021

What show /event would you recommend from our 2022 programme?

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