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2021 It's a wrap (part 1)

2021, although it isn't over yet, has been another roller-coaster of a year. it has had its ups, its downs and plenty of sideways. say what you want about 2021, it's been a busy one. As a nation, we have rarely read as many books, listened to so much music, binged as many hours of entertainment, and, when not confined to quarters seen so many shows.

That's why, the team of Birr Theatre & Art Centre (that's us) wanted to reminisce on the past and share our latest cultural fancies.

Each day, a member of the team will share his or her favourite musics, films, books, shows of the past 12 months and recommend a show from our 2022 programme.

And we start with the newest addition to the Theatre's team: Connor Keaveny.

Connor joined us this Autumn as stage hand and "technician extraordinaire". He is the reason why the sound in the room is so good, crisp and well balanced. He is also the main operator for our Thursday film club Film@BirrTheatre and ensures that you can see our movie choices in their full glory.

Top 3 music albums Connor listened to in 2021

1- Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher

2- Willow – lately I feel Everything

3- David Bowie – The Next Day

Top 3 Movies Connor watched in 2021

Top 3 books Connor read in 2021

Best show/event Connor saw at Birr Theatre in 2021

What show /event would Connor recommend from our 2022 programme?

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