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by Caroline Guinan

This series ‘Wild Frontiers’ was created to present and celebrate the natural habitat and beauty of our wildlife and landscape. The images were taken in Tanzania in the Serengeti National Park and in the Ngorongoro Crater.

The Serengeti National Park is a world Heritage site, one of the last few natural wonders on earth. This is a place I longed to visit and hope to return soon.
David Attenborough documentaries always leave me in awe and draw me to that fantastical natural world that we have. My love of the outdoors, nature, wildlife and the landscape have furthered my journey with photography.

Our planet is so precious and fragile. The challenges presented by climate change are having such a devastating impact on the lives of existence of so many species that we share our natural world with.
I hope this series of photographs from ‘Wild frontiers’ showcases what we have now and it is my hope to honour and embrace it. 


Long Neck Giraffe.jpg
About the exhibition

Caroline Guinan

Caroline is a photographer that narrates her story using light. She mainly focuses on Landscape and Wildlife photography having a preference towards black and White images. She has travelled extensively and creates images that have an emotional appeal to the viewer. This is the all-encompassing element and focus of her work and has inspired her to pursue this art. The emotional connection to a scene is utmost to her work and she aspires to translate that raw emotion into her photographs. In return this creates a scene with which the viewer can engage with what they see. 
The great outdoors is an important element of her work and her photographs require planning and timing to create images that are timeless. The unpredictability of the weather and wildlife require great patience, persistence and passion to create these images. 
Having studied Media and Communications along with History in college Caroline continued and completed a postgraduate Diploma in Computing. Her passion for photography is relentless and she has completed a photography course in NCAD and she continues to study independently. 
She has exhibited at the Royal Hibernian Academy Dublin, the Royal Ulster Academy Belfast, Dunamaise Arts Centre, Birr Theatre & Arts Centre and Birr Vintage Week & Arts Festival. Caroline has received nominations and Honourable Mentions in the International Photography Awards, Monochrome International Awards, Mono Visions Awards, Monochrome Awards  and the Black and White Spider Awards.

About the artist

Photography for me is all about having an emotional connection to a scene. Prior to visiting the Serengeti, I envisaged creating a series of black and white photographs of landscape and wildlife.
These images were about the intimate texture and tones of light and shadow and all about the emotional draw to a space or subject. I intentionally documented these images in black and white to suspend time, to encourage protection and preservation of our natural resources for future generations.

Explore the art

Come and immerse yourself in the art available in our main gallery every week day from 1pm to 5.30pm.

Or click on an image below to view the work in it's full digital glory.

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