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You need to go to jail!

Local artist Caroline Conway will be displaying a series of images on the walls of Tullamore Goal on Feb 18th and 19th.

Caroline's visually impactful feat of imagination will change the way you'll see this historical landmark forever!

Titled 'Behind These Walls' the upcoming series of image projections is part of "In the Open/Faoin Spéir" a curated programme of multi-disciplinary, inclusive arts activities in community outdoor spaces.

Through carefully crafted images the artist is telling some historically significant stories from her own interpretations of those who have passed through the jail. She explores its many faces as a jail turned Salts Textile Mill, Tullamore Yarn and the businesses and organizations that now inhabit it in present day.

Caroline tells us : ‘We walk past buildings that have great history, but give little thought to the human stories tied up in them . These stories connect us to our town and to our past. Tullamore Gaol housed Land Leaguers and Suffragettes and was where the last woman was hanged under British Rule. It was burned down and rose again as Salts, Tullamore Yarns, the largest employee in town for over 30 years. This history will be brought to life through a spectacular audio visual projection that animates the architecture of the imposing gateway.’

We can't recommend this enough! These fascinating historically significant images and stories of the people who experienced life ‘Behind These Walls’ will be projected onto the front of the Tullamore Jail entrance on both evenings of Friday, February 18th and Saturday, February 19th from between 7-10pm.

The event is free to attend so just turn-up and watch in awe as the building change in front of your very eyes to tell its stories.

For more information on Caroline and her amazing work, visit

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