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Who is Marian Keyes ?

In 2022 we ask our visiting artists to tell us a little bit about themselves. We hope that these short questionnaires will reveal something that you didn't know or expect about them.

Marian Keyes will be on stage with Tara Flynn for a live version of their clever and popular Podcast "Now You’re Asking".

But really, who is Marian Keyes? Her answers to our quickfire questionnaire might surprise you!

Q- Tell us about yourself

A- I write books. I’m afraid of bats. I’m quite old. I’m always sick. I’ve never eaten a boiled egg (disgusting things.) I’d live on strawberry jelly, if I was let. Dentists don’t scare me. Although nearly everything else does. I like watching telly shows about murders in snowy places. In fact, I watch so many of them, that I’m convinced I’m fluent in Swedish (I’m not, though.) I don’t drink. I tried licquorice icecream and I liked it. When my phone rings, I stare at it in horror, then fling it across the room. I’d love a night out with Brian Kerr in a booth in Eddie Rockets.

Is that enough?

Q- What will you play in Birr

A- The amazing Tara Flynn and I will be doing a live version of our BBC Sounds podcast Now You’re Asking. We’re modern day agony aunts, people email us their problems and we attempt to solve them. Or at least we hope to provide a bit of comfort. We get sent some truly heartbreaking dilemmas but for Birr, we’re keeping it lighthearted all the way. We’ve got a load of gas ‘Asks’ lined up for the show. We promise to make you laugh.

Q- Who is your biggest influence?

A- The matriarch that is Mammy Keyes. She’s a truly gifted storyteller, with a great knack for playing out a narrative, giving just enough to keep the audience hooked. She’s also extremely funny. Everything I know about storytelling, I learnt from her.

Q- Describe yourself as a 10-year-old.

A- Oh Christ. Worried about everything. Anxious all the time. Prayed a lot, in the hope of feeling better. (It didn’t work.) Childhood didn’t suit me.

Q- What’s your best on stage memory?

A- Unlike Tara, I’m not a regular ‘onstager’. But earlier this year I won Author of the Year at the British Book Awards and got given an award on stage and that was lovely.

Q- What’s your worst on stage memory?

A- A few years back, I was invited to present an award at the British TV awards. The whole thing was televised and in front of millions, I dropped the fecken award, nearly maiming Philip Schofield (who was one of the hosts.) Then Mark from Eastenders (one of the winners of ‘my’ award and a VERY nice man) helped me pick it up. Nevertheless, I was mortified.

Q- Where are you at your happiest?

A- On my couch with Himself watching telly and eating sweets.

Q- What’s your favourite colour?

A- Blue. No, green. Wait now, purple. Ah feck!

Q- What’s the last book you enjoyed?

A- I read a lot and I enjoy a lot. But London, With Love by Sarra Manning is GORGEOUS. It’s a will-they-won’t-they love story spanning 1986 to the current day and I LOVED it.

Q- What’s the last film / play you enjoyed?

A- I’d never seen Jojo Rabbit and my nephews (12 and 14) were disgusted with me, so I gave it a go last week. I wasn’t expecting to like it, what with it being about Nazis and all, but it was absolutely delightful. I’m still puzzling over how it managed to be so grim and sweet simultaneously.

Q- What’s your favourite song of all time?

A- September by Earth Wind and Fire. Not only is it a great song but I can’t hack Summer, I hate the glare and the (occasional) heat. I’m an Autumn person, it can’t come soon enough.

Tara and Marian will share the stage on Thursday the 8th of September from 8pm.

Tickets available online here or through our box office : 057 9122911

The Women in Comedy Series is supported by the Night-Time Economy Support Scheme #NTESS#NTE22

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