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Wasn't it great to be back in the Theatre?

We had been waiting fort this week-end! We had been waiting for a long time.

And then Shirley Valentine was announced. The crew got busy. A decor was designed and build, the play was rehearsed (and rehearsed again... and again). Eventually, the time, the audience took their seat, the anticipation was building...

At 8pm, On thursday 4th of November 2021 (a momentous date to remember) the stage of Birr Theatre and Art Centre bristled back to life!

The BTAC team wishes to convey HUGE Congratulations to Heather Colohan on a fantastic performance as Shirley Valentine over th

e past few nights. And we will not forget the team behind the scenes - Adrian, Shanna, Charlie and Dickie and all at Birr Stage Guild, it was wonderful to have you back after so long.

The verdict is in, this first play in the new season of the Birr Theatre was a fantastic success and we cannot wait for the next one!

If you were in the audience, do let us know what you thought of the play in the comments below.

And remember, this is only the first of many new productions coming to town this Autumn/winter. So take a look at our calendar and COME BACK TO THE THEATRE!!

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