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This Week's Film - DEADLY CUTS

Film@BirrTheatre brings you the best of Irish, world and independent cinema on the theatre's big screen.

This week it's the turn of laugh out loud Irish Comedy: Deadly Cuts. A black comedy, set in a working-class Dublin hair salon where the stylists become accidental vigilantes and community heroes as they take on the gang members and gentrifies threatening their community.

In a salon of working-class Dublin, a group of hairdressers, led by Michelle (Angeline Ball), must unite to save the business and their local area - Piglinstown. Ball runs the eponymous hairdresser and are assailed from above and below. Deano (Ian Lloyd Anderson),total hoodlum, is pushing for protection money and a local councilor is threatening to demolish the street and put up a tourist hotel! Could it get worse? Oh Yes, in a significant tonal shift, an incongruously awful catastrophe pushes the film into darker territory. Salvaged only if they can win an implausibly high-profile hairdressing competition. They are certainly up against it!

The salt-of-the-earth toilers have just about pushed their shtick as far as it will go when, as the leader of a high-end competitor, Victoria Smurfit arrives with a bag marked “swag”. That is to say the Smurf, damning restraint to the rafters, shamelessly steals the film from under less determined noses. Pauline McLynn is equally irresistible in the role of slant-mouthed accomplice.

Certainly looking forward to this one, so grab your pals and workmates, go sink a drink and meet us at 8 for the ultimate Thursday night out that's 91 mins and allows you to be home and tucked up in bed by 10!

So, form an orderly queue, come and join us this Thursday at 8pm for this week's laugh out loud installment of Film@BirrTheatre - Deadly Cuts

Tickets available online BOOK NOW

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