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This mosaic job is anything but futile (few tile... get-it?)

Some of you might have noticed that every Tuesday has been a hive of activity here at Birr Theatre with the Birr Art Group creating the most beautiful mosaics under the tutelage of Aidan Byrne of Make Mosaic.

The first Mosaic was completed at the beginning of July and second one is well under way. It’s amazing how quickly the pieces come together with so many hands involved, even some of staff are getting involved and really enjoying the freedom to create. The group are learning the new skill of mosaics with many inspired to create their own works at home.

Each mural has it’s story and represents Birr’s rich heritage. Mosaic 1 (Biorra) includes icons such as our Georgian door, Air flyover, music, Georgian gas lamps, tree lined Mall, Birr Theatre and the beautiful bog rosemary which is on our county crest. Mosaic 2 focuses on the whirlpool nebula, a sky-scape of the town with our churches, monument, telescope, bridges and more above our beautiful river Camcor with the local croneen playing their part.

With the group, Aidan has chosen the most beautiful colour tiles which enhance each image including some iridescent tiles that will ‘shine’ in the sunlight creating movement and motion in the images.

The mosaics will be officially unveiled in due course so stay tuned for news of that! Special thank you to Offaly County Council Creative Ireland Community Project 2023.

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