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Sunlight - Some Friendships Burn Brighter Than Others

Film@BirrTheatre brings you the best of Irish, world and independent cinema on the theatre's big screen, every Thursday night at 8pm. What better way to kick the season off than with a homegrown directorial debut?

Written by Ailbhe Keogan and directed by Claire Dix, Sunlight features Barry Ward (Extra Ordinary, Bad Sisters) as Leon, a former heroin addict who is now caring for his sponsor Iver (played by Liam Carney). Iver is suffering from a terminal illness and when he decides to peacefully end his life on his own terms, with the assistance of death doula Maria (Maureen Beattie), Leon is horrified. He pledges to take Iver to all their old Dublin haunts in order to convince him that there is still plenty of life left to live.

As the day rolls on, the seriousness of Iver’s situation finally begins to hit Leon and he is forced to make a choice between accepting Iver’s decision or hiding in denial and giving in to the call of heroin again.

Steeped in the sights and sounds of Dublin, this is a heart-warming and humorous movie that’s underpinned by deep questions regarding life and death. The subject of assisted dying is delicately, but powerfully, depicted and impressively portrayed by the three main actors.

At a neat 90mins and cert 15A, its the perfect start to our new season, so get yourself to Birr Theatre & Arts Centre to see this heartfelt tale of life, love and friendship and become beguiled by its scruffy charm!

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