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Let me hold that door for you!

Over the past few years we’ve been upgrading our exit doors.

It’s not easy heating a 130 year old building but with old drafty doors that task is made even more difficult! As funding permitted, we replaced the worst doors under different funding schemes (Department of Rural and Community Development Community Enhancement Programme 2020 and 2021). And now, with support from the Community Centres Investment Fund 2022 we secured funding and replaced the last three doors last month. This has already made a significant difference to heating and comfort for patrons in the auditorium and staff in the office.

With a reduction in drafts and cold air coming in, along with reduced heat loss we should see a reduction in our energy bills allowing us to invest more into what we do best : provide exciting and engaging arts experience for our community.

We acknowledge the support of the following for the final phase of this project: Department of Rural and Community Development / Government of Ireland; Community Centres Investment Fund 2022

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