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"ELEMENTAL" by Niki Purcell

"The sky holds a fundamental attraction for me and acts as a stage that showcases the force and power of the elements, it humbles us with our smallness yet connects us with the immensity of nature..."

Welcome to "Elemental," an exhibition by Niki Purcell, where you can immerse yourself in the dramatic beauty of the natural world!

As you step into the gallery, you'll be surrounded by large, framed canvases that capture the ever-changing landscape and seascape of the Wicklow/Wexford border. Each painting is a celebration of the power and importance of nature, with gestural strokes and textured layers that convey the movement, power, and flux of the elements.

Purcell's fascination with the sky is evident in each painting. As you gaze up at the canvas, you'll be mesmerized by the magical relationships between the elements and the landscape, from the play of light on the sea to the movement of the wind through the mountains.

The beauty of Purcell's art lies in its ability to convey not just objective reality, but also the subjective emotions and responses to the natural world.

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About the exhibition

As you move from one painting to the next, you'll be transported to a world of drama that changes daily or even hourly, with each artwork expressing the shifting emotions and responses to the artist's surroundings.

Whether you're an art lover, a nature enthusiast, or simply seeking a moment of beauty and contemplation, come and experience the power of nature in all its glory, and be reminded of the importance of our connection with it.

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Niki Purcell

I am an artist living and working on the Wicklow/Wexford border, I live in an old coastguard station perched on the end of a headland surrounded by the Sea on 3 sides and the Wicklow mountains on the fourth To be surrounded by such wildness has allowed me to explore my emotional responses to the elemental beauty that surrounds me, a world of drama that changes daily or even hourly as the Elements dash across the horizon.. My work expresses these movements and shifting emotions. I attempt to depict not objective reality but rather the subjective emotions and responses to my surroundings,to visualize my emotions.

|To discover more about Niki's fascinating work visit :

About the artist
Explore the art

Come and immerse yourself in the art available in our main gallery every week day from 1pm to 5.30pm.

Or click on an image below to view the work in it's full digital glory.

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