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Who is Yvonne O'Toole ?

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

In 2022 we ask our visiting artists to tell us a little bit about themselves. We hope that these short questionnaires will reveal something that you didn't know or expect about them.

Yvonne O'Toole will be on stage to kick start the festive season in style with her brand new show "On A Starlit Night".

But really, who is Yvonne O'Toole? Her answers to our quickfire questionnaire might surprise you!

Q- Tell us about yourself

A- I’m just a girl from a small town in Offaly called Birr, who just adores singing ☺️

Q- What will you play in Birr

A- I will be performing my 3rd solo concert but this time I will joined by the students from my singing academy as my special guest performers - very excited!!

Q- Who is your biggest influence?

A- My singing teacher, Marie Walshe - she always encouraged me to keep going & gave me huge confidence in my singing ability. She made me believe that anything is possible when it came to my voice & just go for it - I am beyond grateful for her.

Q- What’s your best on stage memory?

A- There are just so many!

Q- What’s your worst on stage memory?

A- Don’t have any.

Q- Where are you at your happiest?

A- On stage - melting into the lyrics & getting lost in the music - it’s the best feeling in the world.

Q- What’s your favourite colour?

A- Gold ✨

Q- What’s the last book you enjoyed?

A- Manifest, 7 steps to living your best life, Roxie Nafousi

Q- What’s the last film / play you enjoyed?


As it happens, Elvis will be the first movie of our Film@BirrTheatre cineclub on the 12th of January... 😁

Yvonne O'Toole will be on stage on Saturday the 10th of December from 8pm.

Tickets available online here or through our box office : 057 9122911

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