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This week's movie : Juniper

Every Thursday night, Film@BirrTheatre brings you the best of Irish, world and independent cinema on the theatre's big screen.

This week's film is lead by the magnificient presence of Charlotte Rampling.

The story is simple, teenager Sam (George Ferrier) returns home from boarding school to find his alcoholic, wheelchair-bound grandmother Ruth (Oscar nominee Charlotte Rampling) has moved in. Although the pair initially clash, they eventually develop an unexpected bond. all in all it's a touching story of loss and acceptance, set against the gorgeous backdrop of New Zealand.

The odd couple's eventual rapprochement is (of course) inevitable but really well-handled. George Ferrier, is gorgeous, tall, blonde and open-faced, he puts enough intelligence, curiosity and poise into his performance to ensure that Sam is not to be written off as another sulky adolescent.

Opposite him, Charlotte Rampling is able to deliver a finely tuned, beautifully understated performances as a woman who has seen the world. Juniper provides, an absolutely unforgettable role for Rampling. It is could well be her strongest and best role since she played Sarah Morton in Francois Ozon’s mesmerizing "The Swimming Pool" (2003).

This week's movie is not only beautifully made with characters that are familiar and compelling enough to tug at generational truth cords, but Rampling, as always, is terrific. Overall. Juniper is warm and entirely satisfying, but, be warned, it’s also very sentimental, it does tug at the heart strings and may very likely leave you sobbing against your will.

So, that's it, Film@BirrTheatre returns with a wowser of a movie! as the tagline says "Life, Don't water it down!" come and see for yourself on Thursday 12th of January from 8pm, €7 general admissions, (€5) for friends of the theatre.

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