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This week's movie : "ANOTHER ROUND"

Film@BirrTheatre brings you the best of Irish, world and independent cinema on the theatre's big screen.

This week we follow four high school teachers embarking on an alcohol fueled social experiment. Mads Mikkelsen (and his cheekbones) is compelling and delightful as a bored, charismatic teacher.

The premise of "Another Round" is fairly simple : Four friends decide to put into practice the theory of a Norwegian psychologist according to which man would have a deficit of alcohol in the blood from birth. They take to the task at hand with scientific rigor. As can be expected, the situation quickly becomes out of control.

The latest of Thomas Vinterberg's movie has garnered plenty of rave reviews as well as awards from every horizon (an Oscar, a Bafta, and representation from most European Film Awards). Another Round is a vibrant, funny film steeped in booze and middle-age anxiety. The combination, for some of the characters, can be lethal.

Mads Mikkelsen, as Martin, revels in the new found virtues of hedonism. Under the influence, he seeks the way to the literary genius that has so far eluded him. He is convinced that vodka makes him a better teacher, a more inspired lover and overall a much better human. Of course, pride goes before the fall and soon enough things start to fall to pieces for the four friends. The film morphs from comedy to tragedy and yet, toward the end, as Mads Mikkelsen dances his troubles away amidst his students we start to see some small light on the horizon.

Energetic, attentively shot and exceedingly well acted, Another Round is a very entertaining film. Good comedies have a way of reaching us, maybe because they relax us just enough so that we let our guard down.

So come and join us this Thursday at 8pm for This week's installment of Film@BirrTheatre.

Tickets available online : Book Now

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