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This Christmas give the gift of Art and Support Local Artists!

Christmas is right around the corner! And that means shopping and lots of it. Often, no matter how prepared

we think we are for the gift giving season, we always seem to fall into last minute shopping. Spending hard earn cash on presents that will be discarded and forgotten as soon as a new fad or technology upgrade appears.

This year let's try a new tradition. “Buy local art from local artists”.

Buying art isn't something that springs to everyone’s mind when shopping for Christmas gifts, but Art is personal, shows true care and delights the gifter AND the receiver.

Here are 3 good reason to shop for art:

1. Buying art for someone shows thoughtfulness, you have found the time to find them that extra special gift as well as something they will treasure for a long time coming. Plus, when you buy original artwork it's pretty likely you won’t be getting them something they already have!

2. Supporting local artists in your community - buying directly from a small artist helps to support their business and helps the local economy thrive. It supports those who have managed to keep their doors open despite the challenges in recent times. It also inspires the local community to become more creative and launch into more artistic endeavour. Lets face it, we all need some beauty in our lives.

3. Gifting from local artists, means you won't be buying something that is hugely mass produced which means it's better for the environment.

Finding local artwork is really easy, our very own exhibition space is full of artwork from over 20 local artists!

We are currently hosting the 15th Annual Common Ground Exhibition – an exhibition of works by over 20 artists living in the Midlands. The chosen theme for the exhibition is "Dark / Light" and each artists brought his or her own vision. Through the medium of oils, acrylics, digital photography, ceramics and other media, they all explored the fringes of the visible world. Some you’ll love, some you’ll hate, but none will leave you cold.

You can discover all of their artwork online in our virtual gallery, but nothing compares to seeing it in it’s true glory in our foyer. The exhibition is open every weekday from 1pm to 5.30pm.

This holiday season gift your loved ones something extra special!

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