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The Final Week of OLDC’s Next Steps Creative Programme

Fostering creativity in a highly digitised world requires a delicate balance of traditional art-forms and cutting-edge technology. For the past three weeks in Birr Theatre & Arts Centre, a group of enthusiastic St. Brendan’s Community School students embarked on a journey of artistic exploration, transforming their visions into contemporary masterpieces, and culminating in the creation of digital art. Check out our first blog post about this community initiative to catch up on what the group has created up until now.

Facilitated by Emma Barone, the sessions used hands-on activities to allow participants to experiment with different mediums, encouraging them to find their unique artistic voice. As the participants gained confidence in their abilities, the focus shifted to integrating technology into their creative process. The second week of the workshop introduced them to digital art tools and software. The convergence of traditional and digital art forms sparked a dynamic energy within the group, inspiring collaborative projects, and the exchange of innovative ideas.

Under the guidance of Emma, the climax of the workshop arrived in the third week as the student’s artworks were transformed into a cohesive video, which can be viewed below. The students gathered in Birr Theatre last week to watch it together and get the full theatre-going experience.

The success of the workshop extended beyond the tangible artworks and video. It was a pleasure to watch the teenagers develop a sense of confidence in their creative abilities, learn the value of collaboration, and gain insight into the evolving landscape of contemporary art. The workshop not only ignited a passion for art but also equipped these young minds with skills that transcend the boundaries of traditional and digital mediums. As they left the workshop, each participant carried with them a newfound appreciation for the intersection of creativity and technology, ready to embark on their own artistic journeys in the digital age, and hopefully they made some new friends too.

Many thanks to Hazel Daly from OLDC, Emma Barone and the amazing students from St. Brendan's Community School for bringing their joy and enthusiasm each week!

This project was supported by the Local Creative Youth Partnership, LOETB

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