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It's Current, it's Bealtaine, It's BELFAST at 3pm!

We asked - you answered!

Belfast the movie of choice this Bealtaine Festival.

Screening Thursday 19 May 3pm, €5.

Belfast chronicles the life of a working-class Ulster Protestant family from the perspective of their nine-year-old son Buddy during The Troubles in Belfast.

Buddy's father Pa (Jamie Dornan) works overseas in England, while the family—Ma

(Caitríona Balfe), elder brother Will (Lewis McAskie), and paternal grandparents Granny (Judi Dench) and Pop (Ciarán Hinds) —live in Belfast.

Buddy, sees his stable, loving community and everything he thought he understood about life turned upside, as violence breaks out on his close knit road. Despite the upheaval he and his family still find joy, laughter, music and the formative magic of the movies to see them through.

With his beloved hometown caught up in increasing turmoil, the family faces a momentous choice: hope the conflict will pass or leave everything they know behind for a new life.

While Belfast is not exactly a true story, director Kenneth Branagh's own childhood experience allows the film to touch on the issues faced by many families in Northern Ireland during this time deeming Belfast a deeply personal and joyful story about the power of memory, set in 1960's .

A MUST SEE on the Big Screen, not to be missed. Enjoy a cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit too! Book your seat for....

BELFAST Thursday 19 May 3pm .... BOOK NOW!

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