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Get ready for scanning!

You might have noticed some changes to our ticketing system in the past few months. That's because we are finally moving with the times and introducing e-tickets.

From now on all our tickets are adorned with a QR code that will add a little magic to your booking. with e-tickets we will get a faster get-in, use less paper, create less waste and (we hope) have more fun!

Your physical tickets can always be purchased and collected from our Box Office, but if you’d rather skip the queue you can book online and download your virtual ticket ahead of time.

We offer e-tickets to all performances. Our e-tickets can be printed out at home or displayed right on your phone, a zero-waste solution which is safe, quick and convenient.

It's as easy as 1. 2. 3. :

  1. Open the confirmation email we sent you – the sender will be and the subject line will be “Birr Theatre Order Created” followed by your order number.

  2. Click the link in the green box labelledClick here to download your ticket – this will automatically download the tickets as a PDF to your device.

  3. Present the QR code in the e-ticket PDF when we ask for your ticket.

That's it, you are in! Quicker queues, less fuss.

Please remember to open the original PDF – a photo of your computer screen or even a screenshot of the QR code won’t work!

If you have more than one ticket in your PDF, simply scroll down to the next page and present the QR code on that page, and so on for each ticket.

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