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Do you know Michael Ryan (The Parish)?

In 2022 we ask our visiting artists to tell us a little bit about themselves. We hope that these short questionnaires will reveal something that you didn't know or expect about them.

Today's volunteer for our quickfire questionnaire is one half of the Hubcap Theatre Company. the self proclaimned Best dad and husband in the world (don't ask his wife and kids), Michael Ryan.

Q- Tell us about yourself

A- The best dad and husband in the world! (Don’t ask for a second opinion). I’m a full-time freelance artist. In the reality of the world of theatre today, that means being willing to do anything (legal). So I split my time between comedy acting, producing, writing, acting for stage, screen and voice over.

Q- What will you play on stage in Birr

A-In ‘The Parish’ we both play multiple roles. I play everything from a ‘Yummy Mummy’ to an old man.

Q- Who is your biggest influence (in life / on stage)?

A- Well obviously, after my darling wife Bríd! … My best buddy Sean! We both had our stage debuts as young teenagers in a local panto. We played the two Ugly sisters! I needed a lot of makeup … Sean didn’t.

Q- Describe yourself as a 10-year-old.

A- A shy, overly sensitive dreamer with two left feet. The stage was my lifeline. As Sinead Cusack said, “Acting is the shy person's revenge on the world”.

Q- What’s your best onstage memory?

A- Playing Valeen against Sean’s Colman in The Lonesome West. “Thems are me Taytos Coleman... I’ve only enough for meself.”

Q- What’s your worst on stage memory?

A- None comes to mind but I do get this recurring nightmare where I’m walking on stage without having had the chance to learn my lines! I wake up in a cold sweat.

Q- Where are you at your happiest?

A- That moment on stage when you’re just about to deliver a cracker of a line which you know will send a wave of laughter through the audience. The joy of comedy.

Q- What’s your favourite colour?

A- The blackness of a decent pint of Murphys boy!

Q- What’s the last book you enjoyed?

A- Spid the Spider. A children’s book I narrated.

Q- What’s the last film / play you enjoyed?

A- The Invisible Man

Q- What’s your favourite song of all time?

A- RubberBandits Horse outside.

Sean (and Michael) will be on stage in their play "The Parish" at Birr Theatre & Arts Centre on Saturday March 12th - 8pm.

Tickets available at our box office (057 9122911) or ONLINE

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