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Did you read our newsletter?

If you haven't, don't worry, here it is in full:

2022 has finally made its grand entrance. We’ve written down your new year resolutions. And guess what’s on top of the list: Dry January! We have decided to embark on the classic ‘new year, new Birr Theatre’ quest at the start of the year. However, instead of the dull and boring alcohol-free month, we decided to see the 8pm curfew that was imposed on us by Covid-19 as a welcome opportunity to take a refreshing approach at our normal routines.

So, with civilised 8pm shows off the menu for the foreseeable, it’s time to seat back, take a deep breath, and attack all these maintenance tasks that we have been pushing off for so long. We will, have a shiny new theatre for you to enjoy.

In 2022 we will fill your calendar with a host of fun and exciting activities to spur you on through the year! From rejuvenating comedy specials (Callan Kicks, Conal Gallen, Pat & Faye Shortt) to thrilling theatre experiences (The Field, Dirty Dusting), high-octane cinema blasts (Herself, Another Round all part of our Film@BirrTheatre film club) and innovative musical shows for the whole family (Music Network's Wire Stings & Other Things).

You’re sure to find the perfect activities to keep you and your family entertained in a Covid safe environment with our hand-picked list of cultural delights.

Welcome to 2022!!!!

And remember, if you want to stay on top of all things theatre, to know about our latest shows before anyone else, to access special deals, make sure to register to receive our monthly newsletter.

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