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Celebrating Creativity no matter what !

Here, at Birr Theatre & Arts Centre we are on a mission to promote greater participation in the arts among older people. That’s why, once again, during Bealtaine Festival we will have dedicated events throughout the month.

And in order to enable everyone to take part, we have adapted our programme to suit you with:

  • Special concession prices on plays,

  • Free events for all to enjoy (Chair Yoga, Film in the afternoon)

  • Adapted timetable with events taking place in the morning or in the afternoon.

Bealtaine brings together a diverse range activities and individuals under a single banner to celebrate creativity in older age. Year after year, the festival has had a profound impact on arts practice in Ireland and has led to many people in later years participating in the arts for the first time, improving their well-being, social connections, and self-esteem.

Birr Theatre & Arts Centre will host 4 specific Bealtaine activities as well as our usual wide range of arts and cultural activities. There will be yoga, music, theatre, and film. These activities provide a platform for older people to showcase their creativity and promote the idea that artistic excellence should be pursued and sustained over a long period of time.

The first event, "Memories & Melodies," is a nostalgic show that will take you back to Ireland in the 1950s and '60s. Through stories and lovely songs, we will remember the happy times of our youth when we were full of hopes and dreams. Come and relive memories of mothers of ten and more, dance halls filled with music and song, and the vitality of youth.

Thursday, 4th May , 2.30pm - Tickets €7 (including refreshments)

The second event, "Country & Irish," is a theatre play that promises to be like nothing else you have seen this year. Starring Peter Gowen, this hilarious but savage portrait of a man at the end of his rope pays homage to film noir, Samuel Beckett, and even the Teletubbies. With a soundtrack of terrific music, this wild joyride is sure to leave audiences both startled and provoked.

Sunday, 7th May, 8pm - Concession price €16 (60+)

If you're looking for a low-impact exercise that's perfect for people who are new to yoga or have mobility issues, then "Introduction to Chair Yoga by Ana Alves Smyths" is the ideal choice. Ana Alves Smyths is a certified yoga instructor who will guide you through a gentle yoga practice that can be done entirely from a chair.

Tuesday, 9th May - 10am - FREE

Finally, we have "Living," a movie that stars Bill Nighy as Mr. Williams, a diligent but rather dour bureaucrat working in a council in post-war London. When he's given a devastating prognosis, he abandons his usual routine and discovers a whole new perspective on both his life and work. This movie is a powerful reminder that it's never too late to make changes in our lives and pursue our dreams.

Thursday, 11 May, 3pm - FREE

Birr Theatre & Arts Centre is proud to be a part of the Bealtaine Festival, and we're excited to offer these four amazing events that showcase the creativity and artistic talent of older adults. We hope that these events will inspire and entertain audiences and promote the value of creativity and the arts in promoting health and well-being, social inclusion, and intergenerational connections.

Come and join us at Birr Theatre & Arts Centre for an unforgettable experience!

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