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Are you ready to learn together and share skills?

During Vintage Week, Birr Theatre will host a series of workshops designed to bring together people of multiple age groups. They will learn from one another and with one another. This intergenerational collaboration called Futures Lab invites children and older people to share skills and ideas.

The first workshop EXTEND & MEND (Circular Thinking) will take place on the 2nd august from 11am.

This workshop focuses on lengthening the life of tricky materials and taking small steps towards being more sustainable with what we have to hand.

By using materials and techniques that we already possess, the participants will begin to understand how we can stop extracting from our planet and reduce our consumption.

The second workshop : FUTURE FIBRES (Aesthetic Thinking) will start at 11am on the 3rd of August.

Participants will be invited to bring some fabrics along to add a personal twist with patching and hand stitching. This session will bring generations together to share skills and creative ideas to create a textile piece of combined generations. Circular thinking can also be aesthetically pleasing and create new connections in our community for the benefit of our well- being and that of the planet.

The final intergenerational activity from Futures Lab is a shared walk in Birr Castle Gardens looking at the way that local trees adapt to local fauna in order to survive.

Vintage Week Festival is not something that you look at, it’s something that you get engaged with. So, book yourself in a workshop and take part, it’s free and extremely rewarding!

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