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A great show for the whole family!

Music Network is bringing it's brand new show to Birr theatre on Sunday 13th February (3pm).

Wire Strings and Other Things is a musical adventure for the whole family. It introduces us to Ed, Andreea and James. 3 totally different people with one thing in common – They are crazy about music and sound.

  • Ed can usually be found in a corner, building unusual electronic instruments, tinkering with his own world of sound.

  • Andreea plays the viola beautifully and reads complicated sheets of music as if they were fairy tales.

  • James wanders a labyrinth of sound like an explorer, connecting and disrupting with his bass clarinet as he goes.

WIRES, STRINGS & OTHER THINGS is a music performance that encourages you to always be curious. To listen, respond to and communicate through the sounds, music and stories that are all around you – wherever you are and whoever you are with.

Tickets are on sale now. Click HERE to book.

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