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2021 It's a wrap (part 2)

We continue our review of the year that has been through the eyes of our team. today, Emma steps in with her recommendations for a year that has been more than eventful (despite the lack of actual theatrical events). Here are her favourite musics, films, books, shows of the past 12 months as well as a few recommendations from the 2022 programme that she is already putting together.

Emma, has been involved with Birr Theatre & Art Centre since 2000. Throughout her tenure she has kept the ship afloat and organised some amazing shows and festivals for the benefit of all. She uses her keen eye for talent and her enduring curiousity to bring the best of international theatre and music to our Venue. Quite frankly, and she will blush when she reads that, we couldn't do it without her!

Top music albums you listened to in 2021

1- ABBA Voyage (just purchased recently!)

2-Spotify suggested playlist – get some good surprises

Top 3 Movies/Tv Series you watched/binged in 2021

Top 3 books you read in 2021

Best show/event you put on at Birr Theatre in 2021

What show /event would you recommend from our 2022 programme?

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