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An Léas Solais / The Sunbeam

This is a collection of intricate, attractive drawings in which the single graphite pencil is used to maximum effect. Their visceral compositions highlight Eve’s confident technique, producing exquisite, limited-edition prints on Hahnemuehle paper with archival inks.

Accompanying selected drawings is a short poem, inspired by the work, written by Caoimhín Mac Unfraidh. Some of the poems are so dependent on the corresponding piece that they cannot stand alone and require the artwork to be viewed while the poem is read to be coherent. Some were clearly sparked by the artwork but are not moored to it in the way that is perhaps traditional with ekphrastic poetry. None of the poems would exist were it not for the artworks that drew them out.


“With ‘The Sunbeam’ I have taken the theme of compassion and our place in our environment and pushed it further, presenting accessible, technically skilled artworks which address issues of climate change and our responsibility, the works engage the viewer on intellectual and emotion levels.” Says Eve Parnell of her exhibition in Birr.


EP Martinello with poem in English.png
Eve Parnell Royal Academy London 2018.jpg

Eve Parnell          

Since graduating in 2021 with an MA in Fine Art Eve has continued to bring her thought provoking work to audiences.


Invited by the National Gallery of Ireland to give two Performances on Culture Night 2021 accompanied by a Cello, Parnell was commissioned in the same year by the Irish Naval Service to create and present a work celebrating their 75th Anniversary.


She has garnered praises internationally as and highly accomplished draughtswoman through a series of shows across Europe. Parnell's technique is rigorous, steeped in confidence but instinctual.

The lightness, the fragility of her material and the fluidity of her technique impart life to the drawings.

Caoimhin MacUnfraidh_bio pic.jpg

Caoimhín Mac Unfraidh

Originally from Dublin, Caoimhín Mac Unfraidh lives in Cobh, Co Cork with his family. In his writing, he is drawn to history, particularly military history and his work often reflects his interest for languages, Irish mythology and Greek and Roman civilisation.


He has published essays, articles, poems, short-stories and broadsheets in Irish and in English and has a long-standing artistic collaboration and friendship with artist Eve Parnell.

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