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Prepare Thee - Film@BirrTheatre is arriving in style!

For some the idea of hitting mid Autumn draws a shiver to the back, however layering on the rags has never been an issue here and what must be, must be! We'll crank up the heat!

Access Cinema may take a well deserved bow this season with it's programme of film presented for Film@BirrTheatre. Taking us through from opening night Thursday 13 October right until mid December. The choices - not an easy task! How to choose - not an easy task! Trailers became a good friend- reviews hard to get a grip on some, but honestly a prominent steer for what might just be the best selection yet! Yep - that will return many a bite..... perhaps???

Seriously- one can spend hours looking, rating, comparing and striving for a balance and at the end of the day.... what do we require from a film? That escapism? A little raunch? A good giggle emotional stimulation, a sporting exhilaration or indeed the depths of despair and depression- yep there's titles to fill all of the above and in their millions!

So, why not make an effort and make a habit of coming to us of a Thursday night? Other than the perfectly chosen Film selection and more simply put, you know its good for you! You also know once the car is parked outside the theatre that you have that sense of "going out"....

Who do you meet?- who knows, there's proof from all the team that work here film/performance generates chat and discussion and we have been privy to many a friendship blossom through repeat meetings for that one shared passion - FILM.

What's On In October?

There's a selection of 3 films chosen for October. Commencing Thursday 13 Oct, 8pm with the Award Winning Film AN CÁILÍN CIÚIN, working in partnership with OFFline Film Festival's 13th year for this title. Who knows what they could surprise us with on the night? A Q&A? A Director? A free Vino?? All has happened before, have faith and watch this space!

Thursday 20 Oct - calling all you golfing fans out there .... ever dreamed of entering the British Open? Well, if golf or basically a good funny Northern English true story movie does it for you, then bag a seat to THE PHANTOM OF THE OPEN. A wonderful, witty, heart-warming gem of a film that will have you shouting at the screen for the (under)dog to have his day... Not to let the cat out of the bag but at one point the onscreen interviewer asks "how does it feel to have shot the worst round in history?"....leaving that there, but there's more than one way to skin that cat!!

Thursday 27 Oct 8pm NIGHTMARE ALLEY, isn't it enough that it has a cast of Cate Blanchett and Bradley Cooper? The time setting, and the vibe that this movie gives out is just incredible, let alone the manipulation! An Actor acting an act, about acting an act!

These three films kickstart our Film@BirrTheatre with plenty more to follow. Grab a buddy ...or not, but make Thursday Nights your escapism night to be spent watching the big screen at Birr theatre & Arts Centre.

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