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Frankie Gavin and Catherine McHugh make a fine pair!

After his feted and sold-out performance at TradFest Templebar you are invited to join traditional musicians Frankie Gavin and Catherine McHugh at Birr Theatre on Saturday 4th March from 8pm.

The name Frankie Gavin resonates far and wide as one of the premier Irish fiddler players. It is also synonymous with De Dannan, the globally renowned band he founded in the mid-1970s with Alec Finn and others. In 2018 Frankie won Traditional Musician of the Year at the Gradam Ceoil Awards.

The plain fact is that there is no more exciting fiddle player or moving flute player in the world of Irish music today.

Accompanying him on stage you will find Catherine McHugh, one of the most outstanding young accompanists in Irish traditional music. Growing up in an area steeped in Irish traditional music, Catherine grew up listening to and playing with many of the outstanding East Galway musicians. Her approach to piano accompaniment is far beyond her years with a unique, lived in, understanding of the music she performs.

Catherine is in high demand as an accompanist and has performed at many festivals and concerts nationally and internationally.

Together they will present their latest album "Port Eireann" a heady mix of classic traditional reels and jigs, as well as a surprising new composition, and a tribute to Joe Burke. If you know Frankie you will be there, if you don't, then you should be there too to disciver one of Ireland's treasures!

Book your tickets here today or call our box office from 1pm 057 9122911

Book your tickets here today or call our box office from 1pm 057 9122911

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