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The Unseen Universe

An intriguing selection of works from local artists on a universal theme...

For the 16th Annual Common Ground – an exhibition of work by artists living in the Midlands - we settled on the theme of "The Unseen Universe".


This year’s Common Ground is an extraordinary exhibition that unveils the hidden wonders that exist just beyond the limits of our vison.
This collection, selected by Bridget Flannery, showcases the boundless creativity of local artists as they embark on a journey into the microscopic and cosmic realms, bringing forth a tapestry of interpretations that captivate the imagination. 

“The Unseen Universe” - Delving into the hidden microscopic or cosmic realms that elude our naked eye, from intricate cellular structures to the vast expanses of the cosmos, the artists evoke a sense of wonder that resonates with the observer's mind.

'The Unseen Universe' Delving into the hidden microscopic or cosmic realms that elude our

As you peruse this gallery of hidden treasures, prepare to be transported into realms where the profound meets the aesthetic.
Welcome to a celebration of creativity, curiosity, and the boundless possibilities within "The Unseen Universe.". 

Local Artists
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Explore the Art
Our curator hand-picked 40 artworks from over 30 local Artists. Through the medium of oils, acrylics, digital photography, ceramics and other media, they all explored the fringes of the visible world.

Each individual artist exposed a detail magnified it and rendered it through his or her own personality.

You can take in the whole exhibition in Theatre's gallery every day from 1pm to 5.30pm. Or you can explore it virtually here.
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