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The Woman King

23/11/23, 20:00

The Woman King is an epic historical action film that harks back to films like Gladiator and Braveheart, albeit with a very welcome change in setting and perspective. It’s a story that soars thanks to a fierce lead performance from Viola Davis and assured turns from a supremely talented supporting cast.

The African kingdom of Dahomey, 1823. General Nanisca leads the Agojie, an all-female group of warriors. A young woman named Nawi is taken in as an Agojie recruit, but it soon becomes clear Nanisca has a surprise connection with the new arrival. Meanwhile, Dahomey’s King Ghezo looks to makes sweeping changes to the way the kingdom does business. But war is brewing with a rival empire involved in the slave trade…
“The film is designed to get audiences cheering - but it does so without ignoring the brutal realities of combat” – The Atlantic

“A rampaging, clattering action flick… defiantly old-school in some ways, ground-breaking in others” – The Irish Times

The Woman King
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