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Good Luck to you, Leo Grande

23/2/23, 20:00

Starring Daryl McCormack (a "local lad" from Nenagh) and the ever-stunning Emma Thompson, this new movie from Sophie Hyde delivers a fresh and funny look at the generational gap (and sex).

Nancy Stokes, a recently widow, retired schoolteacher, doesn’t know good sex. Whatever it may be Nancy is pretty sure she has never had it, but she is determined to do something about that. Her plan involves a hotel room and an impossibly good-looking Irish sex worker: Leo Grande (Daryl McCormack). Leo is confident, dapper and takes pride in being good at his job.

Nancy has a checklist of things she’d like to try but struggles with being desperately self-conscious and inexperienced, and swerves Leo’s amorous advances, deflecting the young man by questioning him about his family and why he is working in his chosen profession.

This is an irresistible, impeccably acted comedy drama with great chemistry between the two leads.

Good Luck to you, Leo Grande
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