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Armageddon Time

5/10/23, 19:00

New York City, 1980. Paul is a middle-class Jewish-American boy who dreams of being an artist, much to the disapproval of his strict parents Esther and Irving. As a new school year starts, Paul befriends Johnny - the only Black student in his class. Their friendship solidifies as they repeatedly find themselves getting into trouble at school. However, both boys learn difficult lessons about inequality and privilege when social workers come searching for Johnny.

James Gray’s (The Lost City of Z) new film is a semi-autobiographical tale that looks back on the past with a mix of sadness, nostalgia and self-reflection. It’s perfectly cast, with superb performances from Anne Hathaway, Jeremy Strong and Anthony Hopkins, as well as from young Banks Repeta and Jaylin Webb.

Armageddon Time
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