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Anatomy of a Fall

21/3/24, 20:00

“★★★★★ A sparkling intellectual thriller than lingers for days.” - The Telegraph

“★★★★★ … a fascinating, knotty courtroom thriller.” - The Irish Times

Sandra, a successful writer, has been living in the French Alps with her husband Samuel and son Daniel. When Samuel’s dead body is found below one of their chalet’s windows, a police investigation raises many questions. One year later, Sandra is on trial for murder.

As the trial proceeds, Sandra and her husband's complex relationship comes under intense scrutiny. The conflicting evidence, inconsistent testimony and shocking truths that are revealed make Anatomy of a Fall a compelling and gripping drama.

Featuring an outstanding lead performance from Sandra Hüller, Justine Triet’s film scooped the top prize, Palme d'Or, at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, and became one of the year’s most anticipated films.

Anatomy of a Fall
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